Rob Ciampa is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business executive responsible for bringing more than 80 products to market worldwide and generating nearly $2.0 billion in revenue. An accomplished sales, marketing, product, and services executive, Rob is the founder and CEO of Business Catalytics, an exciting new company that combines the power of data science, the insights of management consulting, and the precision of operations management to help organizations identify and overcome sale and marketing performance challenges.

Most recently, Rob spent five years as VP of Sales and CMO of Pixability, a company he helped transform from a fledgling startup of nine people to the world’s top advertising technology platform for YouTube. While there, he worked with brands, agencies, media companies, celebrities, and entertainment artists on media strategy, marketing, advertising, and monetization. Rob was the lead author of YouTube Channels for Dummies, Amazon’s top-rated book on video strategy, execution, and analytics. Upon Rob’s exit to start Business Catalytics, Pixability was announced as Massachusetts’ fastest-growing, privately held company.

Rob has a history of business transformation, which includes turning around a struggling software company, selling it a Fortune 500 company, and then growing product revenue from $30 million to over $100 million in 12 months. Additionally, he founded an international IT services company that went from zero to $27 million in service in 18 months. Rob also served as both engineering and marketing lead for an innovative product company that revolutionized networking and delivered $250 million in revenue.

Rob is a well-known speaker who has presented multiple times at SXSW and many other high profile business innovation venues. He has also lectures on digital strategy, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship at Boston University, Tufts, Northeastern, and Babson.

Rob holds a BS and MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Boston University, all with high honors. He also holds multiple patents in data transmission, analytics, and visualization.

Twitter: @robciampa

LinkedIn: robciampa